For most, our $299.95 hot tub controls are a direct replacement for spa packs made by Balboa, Gecko, Hydroquip, ACC, Spa Builders, United Spas and other spa control manufacturers. Gecko makes many controls that look similar but have different programmed features for the specific tub manufacturer as well as generic controls. quick start Depending on your spa configuration, control up to 2 pumps, a blower and a light system. $260.72 Can; Not rated yet. Gecko Spa Side Controls manufactured by Allied Innovations. Gecko Spa, IN.K300-1OP Aeware Topside Control With Overlay, Gecko Spa - Topside Panel - IN.K800-CLEAR AND OVERLAY GE1, Gecko Spa, IN.K1000-Black-GE1, Touch screen, Gecko Topside Control Panel In.K200 2 Pump System, Gecko Topside Control Panel IN.K35-3OP BDLK353OP, Gecko Spa Topside Control IN.K8-3OP- BDLK83OP, Gecko Topside Control Panel In.K200IN-1OP. Gecko Topside Controls (Key Pads). Skip to content. Imagine everything you ever wanted top side controls to be and here you have them. Press the space key then arrow keys to make a selection. Control spa functions with a new hot tub topside control from Balboa, Emerald Spa (Gecko), Garden Leisure, Saratoga Spas and Vita Spas. We also offer the matching overlay. This is a drop ship item P… Jun 17, 2019 - For MC2 and MC4 systems, Emerald P# 50012500 NEW VERSION IS RECTANGULAR but will fit spa shell and operate all existing controls/accessories same as older version(see inset pic). Emerald Spa MC2 MC4 Gecko M-Class topside control panel 50012500 with overlay is on sale at Hot Tub Outpost. Take them in your hands, get their feel, press a key or two, look at their display and you'll know you're holding Gecko’s promises of advanced and reliable technology, a complete series of multi-function and multi-feature keypads for spas and hot tubs.